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Randy Byers Carbon Advanced EOH AZ18

I would like to give a big thank you to Amy Star for scoring my rides and giving me encouraging comments. I also want to thank Ashley Bowers as TD and Miguel Undabarrena for judging at Cuadra San Benito. They all did a great job providing a great venue.

It has been a pretty cold winter here in North Texas this year so it did not take much arm twisting or pulling to head to Arizona for a weekend to see good friends. I have been wanting to support other venues outside of Texas for some time now. All in all Carbon and I had a good show. It was a good chance to get more practice in a new environment. I found the EOH the most challenging course I have ever ridden because it was full of traps. If you watch the video you will see we crossed back and forth many times. Each time we cross the center, we could accidentally cross over the single slalom or the bull obstacle. The lines we took had to be well thought out and we had to spend a lot more time going around many of the obstacles so as to not get DQ. As always, I have edited my video with the scores and judge’s comments. I hope you like the songs I have chosen, they reflect my heart condition as I dance with Carbon.


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