Little did Randy know that in October 2008 his life would be forever changed. Cody (Carbon) QH was born at a PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) farm on May 8 2004. He was rescued and imported from Canada at the age of 6 months by Chandra Fox. Cody came to Randy as a four year old with a few months of training. Chandra expressed to Randy that Cody was not the right horse for her because he was cold back and had unpredictable bucking fits that seriously injured the previous trainer. Randy agreed to a two week trial period to see what issues Cody had.

Well needless to say Cody never left Randy’s side.

In 2007 Randy received his John Lyons certification. Josh Lyons stressed the fact that if you are going to succeed you need to have a great demo horse to show off your knowledge. After 18 months of intense Dressage training Cody now named Carbon became the most valuable asset to Randy Byers Horsemanship. Randy now had a demo horse. Carbon now had a dilemma, he was trained in dressage, but Randy was not going to show him in Dressage. Carbon was not a western pleasure horse nor a cow horse. Carbon had no discipline. It was not long before Western Dressage was coined by WDAA. Now Carbon had the perfect discipline. In 2013, after a few years of giving clinics, showing and promoting WD, Randy discovered Working Equitation. Randy always knew that Dressage was good training, but for what use? Working Equitation is the practical application of WD. Over the last seven years Carbon has traveled over 100,000 miles and traveled through 48 US states and two provinces in Canada. He is currently competing in Advanced and Maters levels in WE and 4th and Prix St George levels in USDF Dressage.

Carbon and Randy both enjoy teaching, inspiring, and building well broke horses that can be used for practice purposes. Feel free to make an appointment and come out to Hybrid Stables. Randy regularly shares Carbon with his students to show the expectations of what he teaches. Randy and Carbon are true partners and are a joy to watch.

Barbara Miller Price Thank you for posting. Love the quiet, precise execution. I don’t see self carriage like that very often. Happy New Year

Carbon has a big heart and has lots of try.. He has been my loyal partner for over 10 years.. Carbon speaks whats in my heart. He is my dance partner. He is a mirror of my soul. I am nothing without him says Randy

  • Breed PMU Quarter Horse
  • Year of Birth 2004
  • Height 154.4 cm / 15.2 hh
  • Disciplines Western Dressage / Dressage / Working Equitation