It all began about two and a half years ago. I really wasn’t looking for a horse. Then my husband saw this Craig’s List add for an Appalossa/Andalusian cross gelding. It was a horrible photo, but he was only about 10 miles from us so we went to look. Two days later he arrived at his new home. I found him to be well-mannered with some raw basics in place. (except for no left lead canter) I also realized he was a “worrier”. He had so much “try”, but he was so worried about getting it right that he would become anxious. I really wasn’t interested in showing. I had been there/done that. I just played around with him working on gaining his trust and confidence.

Then I met Randy Byers and he introduced me to WE. I saw my first WE class at Pin Oak in 2014. My thought were, “that’s different—looks like fun.” I started obstacle training with Randy. Randy & I both were riding him at the time. Since beginning our WE adventure together we’ve had many ups and downs but we are gradually chipping away at our flaws and working on our confidence and trust. I owe many thanks to great trainers: Randy for helping us with obstacles as well as Jayne Lloyd and Silva Olsson-Ellis who have undertaken the daunting task of re-tooling this retired hunter/jumper rider into some sembelance of a dressage rider.

Lastly, I love the camaraderie and friendship of my fellow competitors. The shows are always great fun because of the people involved. Even though we’re all highly competitive we still genuinely cheer for each other, rejoicing over good rounds & sharing the disappointment of not-so-good ones. I love the mental break the obstacles give my horse from the rigors of dressage training. I love the partnership that it is helping me develop with my precious Appa-loosian, Bolero. Karen Brewer

  • Breed Appaloosa
  • Year of Birth 2007
  • Height 156 cm / 15.2 hh
  • Disciplines Dressage