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We are happy to announce our partnership with Rancho Armendariz. Rancho Armendariz has been the top breeder of Spanish horses more than a decade. They have won countless awards and held 5 consecutive years as the top breeder of PREs in the nation. Have you dreamed of owning a pure bred Spanish horse? Rancho Armendariz cross breed Andalusians to get the best characteristics from each. They combine temperament, conformation, beauty and movement to obtain the perfect combination. Below you will find our commencement to this breed.

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The Andalusian Horse’s overall conformation lends itself to sturdy, agile, and athletic animals who are exceptionally comfortable to ride. Averaging 1100 lbs, or 500 kg.


Movement should always be expressive, lofty, and rhythmic, with distinctive joint flexion and articulation. Carthusians display more suspension and action than other bloodlines, which may instead offer more in the way of gait extensions.


Andalusions come in many different colors. We offer Gray, Bay, Black, Buckskin, Palomino, Cremello, and Perlino


Andalusians, historically bullfighting horses, must be obedient, brave, intelligent, and sensitive.

They are fast learners, and respond well to advanced training and difficult situations when treated with respect and kindness. Agile and responsive, Andalusians are versatile and can adapt well to most modern disciplines.

For Sale


Fillies / Mares

*  All mares are available for sale or lease.
All mares are offered with an in-foal option to one of our stallions included in the purchase price.

Colts / Stallions

* Breeder is willing to have any colt castrated upon request. 

Come and Visit Us

This is just a sample of over 100 horses we have available to you, we will make things easy for you to come and try all our horses for as long as you need.

You will be welcome to spend the time you want with our team and see and ride the ARM horses. We are know for our hospitality.  We are happy to provide transportation to and from any of the local airports in Southern California as well as set you up in our guest rooms located at the ranch. Buying a horse is a complex process that needs time with the horse you think you might fit well. This is why we offer you to come and stay with the horse you like for as long as you think you need. Groom it, shower it, go for a trail ride, ride him in the arena and take a lesson with one of our staff. Only when you are 100% that is your horse, then buy it.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Rancho Armendariz

If you have questions regarding our horses, feel free to contact us.