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4th ANNUAL VEGAS AWC 2017 Masters Level Dressage

Music plays an important part in our lives as humans. Music can tell stories, expresses our joys, triumphs, fears, sadnesses, frustrations, losses. Music also can change or mood from sadness to happiness or happiness to sadness. For 6,000 years mankind has been expressing their emotions through music. It is no wonder that we as equestrians like to ride to music in competition. This year (2018) marks 10 years of riding Carbon. I have come to realize in those years we do a lot of dancing. As I ponder this reality, I have lots of videos of Carbon that I have put music to. Over time, I have selected music that reflects my mood, emotions, or something going on in my life. This year is especially true.

The Masters level in Working Equation requires a Dressage musical freestyle. This was my first musical freestyle. Unknown to me at the time, this adds a new and different kind of challenge. I thought to myself what a great way to express myself. For me, the challenge came in two forms, one picking out music that expresses my mood, my style, and the gaits of the horse. The second challenge was riding it in front of the judge. All during practice, I ran behind the music. I was stressed that the music would end before I finished test. When it came to actually riding the test, we where way in front of the music. For some reason we rushed the test, this was evident in our walk pirouettes. Carbon and I made some mistakes due to keeping up with the music. I never knew this would be an issue. We made it through the test and learn a great deal about musical freestyle. I am blessed to have a great dance partner and good loyal friends that stick by me through tough emotional times.

I hope you enjoy the video, the musical choices, and the judges scores along with the movements. I hope this video inspires you to be a better horseman. As you can see, I have a deep passion for this horse and this sport.

I want to thank Patty Carlson for helping me with the music, my mother for the emotional support, and John Boucher for helping me with the video stuff.


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